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Why SEO is important for business?

Explaining with visuals why SEO matters for your business and how it helps small businesses compete and grow.

Boost Your Business with Leading SEO Services in Pakistan by KodingWeb

Transform Increased Traffic into Valuable Customers with KodingWeb, Pakistan's Premier SEO Company. With a proven track record, we deliver top-notch SEO services tailored for Pakistani businesses, adhering strictly to Google Guidelines for 100% White Hat SEO practices.

Why SEO Matters: The Power of Search Engine Optimization

  • The SEO industry boasts a value exceeding $65 billion.
  • Google processes over 100 billion searches monthly.
  • 70% of online searches are conducted on Google.
  • Organic search drives 70% of website traffic.
  • 94% of clicks occur within the top four search results.
  • A staggering 94% of users seldom venture past the first search results page.
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews when selecting local businesses.
  • Websites ranking on the first search results page receive 88% more visits.

Why Choose KodingWeb for Your SEO Needs

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SEO Scopes
SEO Services in Pakistan from KodingWeb: Turn Traffic Increases Into Paying Customers.



  • KEYWORD STRATEGY: Involves determining most searched terms and phrases, on search engines.
  • GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE: Helps track the website search traffic and performance on Google search results.
  • SETUP GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Allows to understand the user behaviour on a website.
  • GOOGLE TAG MANAGER: Manages marketing tags which includes snippets of codes and tracking pixels, on the website.
  • LOCAL LISTING: Improves online presence of a business on local searches.
  • META TAGS OPTIMIZATION: Enables search engines to determine the content of a website.
  • CONTENT OPTIMIZATION: Optimizing the content to become more attractive and reachable to larger audience.
  • INTERNAL LINKING: Lets search engines crawl better, users get relevant data related to the website.
  • XML SITEMAP: Contains list of all URLs, gives search engines page priority.
  • FIXING BROKEN LINKS: With thorough analysis of the website.
  • BROKEN LINKS REDIRECTS: Prevent bad user experience, redirecting the user to relevant page.


  • WEB 2.0 BLOGGING: A technique used in SEO for generating considerable amount of referral traffic on the website for sharing content.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Helps in improving the traffic on the website for better exposure of products or services.
  • LOCAL DIRECTORY: Helps generate local traffic and engagements.
  • GUEST BLOGGING: Builds relationship with other bloggers, drives website traffic.
  • CLASSIFIEDS: For better exposure of products, services, a website or blog and increase in traffic.
  • QandA MARKETING: Helps in branding by getting quality backlinks and increasing organic traffic.
  • INFOGRAPHICS: Present clear and quick information.
  • BLOG COMMENTING: Builds relationship and gets organic traffic.
  • DOCUMENT SHARING: An SEO technique that helps in generating traffic and get backlinks for the website.
  • BROKEN LINK BUILDING: Involves identifying the broken link on other website/blog and contacting the owner for a substitute from own website or blog.
  • VIDEO PROMOTIONS: For educating, entertaining, engaging and conversion more effectively.


  • WEBSITE SPEED: Important for better user experience and also helpful in getting search engine ranking.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLINESS: Gets better user experience and increased engagement time.
  • WEBSITE ARCHITECTURE (UI/UX): Helps in brand building by getting website traffic.
  • CRAWLING: Helps in indexing of website on search engines.
  • HTTPS: Ensures the website is secure.
  • BREADCRUMBS: Makes it easy for visitors to understand the website structure.
  • URL STRUCTURE: Helps the user and search engines understand the web page.
  • STRUCTURED DATA MARKUP: Helps search engines understand the data on the page.
  • ENABLING AMP: Improves page speed on mobile devices.
  • ROBOTS.TXT FILE: Helps search engines index the content of a website.
  • CANONICAL: Gets credit to original content and prevents duplicity.

The Magic of Search Engine Optimization We Forged with Our Experience

Search Engine Optimization can be a complicated business, and you may not always have complete control over all the factors. It’s also possible to make the wrong moves and damage your SEO ranking, so you need to either learn all the ins and outs of SEO (the magic) or you need to hire someone who already has experience in working with clients to develop high-quality content. You also need quality services to support ongoing analytics and improvement. It’s about consistency, optimization, and a continual eye toward quality. You need to tap into Professional SEO.

Over the years, SEO strategy has evolved. The techniques that were effective just a few years ago no longer work, so much of the magic of Search Engine Optimization involves keeping up with the very latest technical innovations. The overarching focus of our strategy involves: On Page and Off Page SEO.